The Notes Inc. is a non-profit educational institution that has started its activity by an experienced team & with the goal of teaching various fields of management in a form of short-term courses and national and international conferences in Toronto, Canada, from May, 5, 2023. During this time, the institution has invited the best teachers to provide & increase managers’ knowledge & the knowledge of all those who are interested in management.

Some of The Notes Inc.’s activities are as the following:

It Holds short-term courses including:

Human Resources Management, Production Management, Quality Management, Operations Management, Project management, Sales Managers, Hiring Managements, Education Managers, Finance & Accounting Managements, Foreign Business Administration, Purchase & Procurement Management, Inventory Management, Knowledge Management, etc.

After holding these courses, this institute, considers the evaluation forms that are available to managers & other participants to improve any possible scientific & executive lacks.

Another activity of this institute isĀ  running an online shop that sells educational products, so those who are interested, can enroll online in short-term educational courses and buy instructors’ articles and educational films.

Ramtin Akhlaghi